Human trafficking message continues rolling across the province

The newest Big Rig Wrap was unveiled in Whitby, and you can expect to see it on Highway 401, Highway 400 and other major highways.

Human trafficking in Durham Region: a growing concern

Tied by a thick rope with tape restricting the ability to talk or eat – this is what the media portrays as ‘human trafficking.’

Ontario seeing more Newfoundlanders being trafficked

Prosecutors in Newfoundland and Labrador are seeking the province's first conviction for human trafficking, but advocates warn the absence of court cases shouldn't indicate trafficking isn't happening.

CTV interview with VSDR's Karly Church on Human Trafficking in Durham Region

Karly Church, Human Trafficking Program Coordinator and Survivor Advocate with Victim Services of Durham Region talks to CTV news about Human Trafficking in Durham Region, signs to look for and where to seek education.

Mother of trafficking victim in Durham says education could have saved her daughter

Since 2018, Durham Region increasingly continues to be a trafficking hotspot. Victim Services of Durham Region reports a 263% increase in referrals this year, and one victim’s mother shares the importance of education, and how it can save individuals from being victims.

Online seminars tackling tough questions about human trafficking in Durham Region

Parents and caregivers are being encouraged to take advantage of free online seminars providing essential information about human trafficking.

Durham seminars aim to help parents spot sex trafficking

Victims Services of Durham Region wants to educate people about sex trafficking and how to prevent it.

They’re holding free monthly virtual seminars about the topic and they’re called the Sex Trafficking Education and Prevention (STEP) program. The next one is happening Thursday, November 24 at 6 p.m.

Sex trafficking survivor a ‘secret weapon’ for police | Karly Church on CBC The National

Karly Church escaped human trafficking, now she works with police through VSDR to help others do the same. 

A human trafficking survivor shares her story | VSDR's Karly Church and Kayla Yama on The Social

The words human trafficking often conjure up images from movies, of people kidnapped abroad, maybe by strangers. But in fact, it's estimated that 15,000 people are trafficking every single year in Canada. Kayla Yama is the clinical director at Victim Services of Durham Region and Karly Church is a human trafficking survivor who now works in collaboration with police in Ontario to help find and support those trapped in the sex trade.

Combatting Human Trafficking in Durham & Ontario

During the debate of Bill 251 - the Combatting Human Trafficking Act- I was glad to share the tireless work of the Human Trafficking Coalition, the Durham Region Police's Human Trafficking Unit

Durham supports victims of gender-based violence with food drive

Food insecurity and accommodation is a large concern for people who are trying to escape gender-based violence. The region is trying to help victims by supplying them with basic necessities. VSDR staff featured include Karly Church and Carly Kalish. 

Victim Services of Durham Region educate students on human trafficking

Victim Services of Durham Region provides psycho-social education to every grade 9 class in Durham Region on human trafficking. 

VSDR Trains Hotels in Durham Region on Human Trafficking: News Coverage by CBC The National

Victim Services of Durham Region provides training to every single hotel and motel in Durham Region training on human trafficking. Topics include: how human trafficking occurs, how to spot human trafficking, how to prevent human trafficking, how to keep hotel staff and patrons safe, and steps to support those being trafficked.


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