Victim Services of Durham Region. We're here to help, when people need us most.

Supporting survivors
of crime and tragedy

When the unthinkable happens, we’re here to support with crisis response, intervention and prevention services.


We will help you

Whether you’ve lost a loved one, been a victim of a crime, experienced online exploitation or are in an abusive relationship, we will help you.

Get free, confidential support without judgment. We’re here to hold your hand and help you start rebuilding your life in the hours and days after a tragedy occurs.


When we're needed, we're there

Our team works in Durham Region to support survivors rapidly after the incident. We are on call 24/7 to respond to police requests for assistance at the scene of the crime.


people helped last year


incidents of intimate partner violence


human trafficking cases


sexual assault cases

We can't do it alone

Our caseload is increasing each year. Crime, especially gender-based violence and human trafficking, is a growing concern in our community.

As a registered charity, we need your help through a monthly or one-time donation.


Our programs


Promotes the immediate safety and stability of victims through tailored interventions by trained staff and volunteers.


Provides emotional support and practical assistance navigating systems in the days following an incident or tragedy.

Victim Quick
Response Program

VQRP+ helps victims of violent crime find financial support for emergency expenses like counselling, personal safety and basic necessities.

Human Trafficking

As specialists in human trafficking prevention and intervention, we provide training for youth, enforcement officers, hotel staff and more.

We’re recruiting 100 Community First Responders to help us mobilize efforts to support Durham residents.

In the minutes, hours and days following a tragedy, we’re there. We help those who have lost a loved one, been a victim of a crime or trafficking, experienced online exploitation or are leaving an abusive relationship.

By joining our campaign, you are helping us to provide:

  • Immediate stability and safety for victims through our Crises Response program.
  • Immediate support in the aftermath of an incident or tragedy to navigate the system and connect individuals to social services, subsidized housing, financial assistance, referrals, resources, emotional support and more.
  • Immediate support for victims to apply for funding for basic needs through the Victim Quick Response Program+. Basic needs include items like food, medication and even funeral services for homicide victims and more.
  • Human trafficking education, training, and intervention, an issue that continues to grow at an unprecedented rate in the Durham region.


We work to prevent violence through awareness and education. We collaborate with community agencies to provide rapid, trauma-informed support and advocacy for every person in Durham who has experienced crime or sudden tragedy.

We are 24/7

Crime unfortunately occurs at all hours. We are available to the police immediately, on site or over the telephone 24/7.


Our services are available to anyone in Durham who identifies as a victim/survivor of crime regardless of race, class, sexual orientation or gender. We respect that many victims are not interested in reporting crimes to police. Individuals do not need to report crimes to the police to access our services. We have access to interpreters for over 300 languages.


We keep victim’s information confidential from the police. However most referrals come from Durham Regional Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police and by self-referral from community members.

Our amazing partners

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