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A Backpack Can Change A Life

A backpack can change a life. When life intersects with trauma and tragedy the effects are overwhelming. A backpack gives opportunity for change.

It can provide warmth to arms that are bare and cold. It can provide confidence to be seen and heard. It can provide knowledge and insight when in a dark place. It can provide nourishment to an achy body. It can provide movement to sore and still feet. It can provide comfort at night. It can provide safety when in fear.

A backpack can have a sweater, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, soap, towel, tissue, books, socks, slippers, food, blanket and a cellphone.

What is inside the backpacks can seem very basic and yet the impact is infinite. With your help we can give those in need the necessities to transform their life. It is an opportunity for change.


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